Professional carpet laying services in the Adelaide area

    Adelaide’s carpet laying experts

    Whether you have taken up an existing carpet to carry out home improvements, or you have purchased a new carpet, you are going to need the services of someone skilled in carpet laying. Sure, you can attempt to do the job yourself but unless you are a skilled carpet fitter you could soon find yourself running into problems.

    Cutting corners with carpet laying is likely to come back and bite you when you least expect it. The job may look great to the unskilled layman, but unless a carpet is properly stretched using the right tools in the correct way, it is likely to ripple.

    A carpet laying expert will guarantee great results every time. Even second hand carpets or carpets taken up from another room in the house can be fitted successfully by an expert, and the cost of fitting is a lot less than the price of new carpeting. 

    Don’t trust the fitting of your carpets to anyone other than a carpet laying expert. Our carpet fitters here at Cetta Carpet Services know everything there is to know about fitting all kinds of carpets into all types of premises.

    Our expert and courteous team also know that the job isn’t finished until the tidying up is done, so we will leave your home and office exactly found as we found it (apart from a beautifully fitted carpet). Whether you need a carpet re-laying or a full suite of offices carpeting, call us today.

    Professional carpet cleaning services in Adelaide

    Call the carpet laying experts today for a free onsite visit and quote on 0401 905 191

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