Upholstery cleaning services in the Adelaide area

    Adelaide’s experts in professional upholstery cleaning

    It’s no big secret that it’s dirty out there, and over time some of that dirt invariably finds its way into our homes. The scary truth is that most of our furniture is are dirtier than we think even though it looks nice and clean on the surface. Tiny particles of debris become trapped in the fibres over time making them resistant to normal vacuuming.

    If you are thinking of buying a new lounge suite or replacing some of the other upholstery in your home maybe you should think again. In the right hands, specialist upholstery cleaning equipment can transform those dowdy looking furnishings and give then a new lease of life. 

    Here at Cetta Carpet Services, many of our satisfied customers have been amazed by the results a deep clean has made to their soft furnishings, and the money they have subsequently saved on replacing them.

    We are specialists in all types of upholstery cleaning including leather and vinyl. We also offer professional vinyl repair service for lounge suites and other vinyl furnishings. Once your upholstery has been rejuvenated by our expert and highly trained team, we can Scotchgard it for you too. 

    Upholstery cleaning services in Adelaide

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