Carpet re-stretching services in Adelaide

    Adelaide’s carpet-restretching experts

    There are a many reasons why a carpet will start to come away but the main ones are a poor original fit, pulling heavy furniture over it, and just plain old heavy use.

    If your carpet is coming up around the edges or has some unsightly bumps and ridges, there is a fairly good chance it needs restretching. Little bumps and lifting in the corners and against the skirting may seem insignificant now, but if left untreated, they will become bigger issues. Small bumps will soon become big ridges and even the smallest lifts have the potential to become tears.

    The good news is that most carpets can be successfully re-stretched, and after a professional deep clean, they can often look as good as new.

    Our experts here at Cetta Carpet services have re-stretched and fitted a huge number of carpets in homes and businesses all over Adelaide. Don’t trust the re-stretching of your carpet to just anyone, choose the professionals. We get it right first time every time.

    Carpet re-stretching and laying services in Adelaide

    Our team of carpet re-stretching experts are waiting to help you so call them right now to arrange a free onsite quote on 0401 905 191

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